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Seeking Post-Conviction Relief in Fort Wayne, IN?

You Can Move Past Your Criminal Conviction with My Help

Having a criminal conviction on your record creates many problems, even when the conviction took place many years in the past. If you feel that there has been a miscarriage of justice, it is crucial that you contact Fort Wayne criminal defense lawyer Gregory A. Miller to help you file a Post-Conviction Relief request. If you hope to remove a conviction from your criminal record, you need to engage my services to help you get the matter resolved.

If it can be proven that there were improprieties in your trial, or that there were other procedural errors or rights violations, it may be possible to resolve the matter through post-conviction relief, or PCR. This type of legal action involves filing a PCR petition and getting your conviction vacated. This can often be achieved in certain types of crimes, particularly when the individual involved has led a law abiding life subsequent to the conviction.

Do you want to clear a conviction from your record?

It can be extremely important to your future employment and other personal matters to get a conviction vacated. A conviction for OWI/DUI can be a problem that haunts you for years; employers can choose from many different applicants, and an OWI/DUI arrest or conviction could put your application at the bottom of the pile, no matter what your qualifications are.

You can also be restricted from holding certain types of professional licenses if you have been convicted of a criminal offense, and this can be a serious problem if your training is in a specific field and the conviction restricts you from legally practicing your profession. It is advised that you contact my firm to discuss your specific case. I can advise you what can be done to resolve your issue regarding your criminal record, either in post-conviction relief or in an expungement.

Contact a Ft. Wayne criminal defense attorney to discuss a clear criminal record.

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