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Preparing Criminal Cases for a Win

When I take on a client in a criminal case, I prepare carefully and commit to winning. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, the most critical issue you have to resolve is finding the right Fort Wayne criminal defense lawyer. I am Fort Wayne criminal defense lawyer Gregory A. Miller, and I am a zealous defender of the constitutional rights of defendants.

Trustworthy Defense for the
Criminally Charged

Don't get railroaded by a tough criminal justice system that is geared to convict – I stand between you and the prosecutor, and you can trust me to fight for you, protect you and seek out any advantage that could benefit you. The way to win at trial lies in careful preparation. I am highly disciplined and take my duty very seriously. Once I take on your case, I move into action, with an in-depth evaluation of the evidence that led to your arrest. The police make mistakes. Are you a victim of a rights violation?

The facts in your case, and any errors or flaws must be identified fast if you are facing charges. I am prepared to work long hours on your case, and to do everything possible to help you fight to reduce the damage, whether in seeking an acquittal at trial, negotiating with the prosecutor to reduce charges or penalties, or seeking a case dismissal. I am personally committed to each person I represent.

The Quality of Your Fort Wayne Criminal Defense Lawyer Matters

The value of having a highly dedicated Fort Wayne criminal lawyer on your side cannot be overstated. All of the legal professionals serving in the criminal justice system are fully aware of how much difference a powerful defense lawyer can make in a case outcome. Don't take any chances with your future freedom. Call my firm so I can discuss your legal problem with you. I am interested in hearing your side of the story, and the earlier I get involved, the better it could be for you. I am personally committed to fighting for the rights of defendants, and I even devote a percentage of my time to serving as a public defender.

I am a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, as well as of the National College for DUI Defense, Inc. Are you accused of a misdemeanor offense or felony DUI or OWI? There are several issues that could lead to a dismissal of charges, and the first step is for me to look at what happened to you. I understand the science behind alcohol testing, and how testing units fail, how the police incorrectly administer tests, and how these issues can be a critical point in a successful defense against any level of DWI offense.

Trust in a Firm that Will Fight for Your Rights

My firm stands ready to fight for your freedom. I serve as defense counsel in a range of cases, including drug crimes, DUI/OWI cases, traffic violations, theft crimes, sex crimes and violent crimes, from assault through to the most serious, including manslaughter or murder. My focus is strictly upon finding any area of weakness in the case against my client and then exploiting that weakness. I am ready to fight for you, and I invite you to get in touch with me immediately if you have been arrested and charged, or if you become aware that you are the target in any criminal investigation. I am ready to fight for your rights.

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