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Fort Wayne Police Officer guilty of Drunk Driving

Updating this earlier entry, on December 16, 2011, Sgt. Santiago "Jim" Zamora, a 20+ year veteran of the Fort Wayne Police Department, was convicted of Operating While Intoxicated (Endangering a Person), a Class A Misdemeanor. He was sentenced to one (1) year in the Allen County Jail, all of which was suspended, and he was place on probation for a period of one (1) year. Zamora has been ordered to complete the Criminal Division Services program as a condition of hisprobation. A driver'slicense suspension of ninety (90) days was also Ordered. This license suspension was not retroactive to the date of Zamora's administrative license suspension (likely August 22, 2011) because he refused to submit to a certified chemical test (BAC Datamaster, a/k/a breath test) when he was arrested. A second charge of disregarding a railroad stop sign was dismissed.

Zamora was arrested in August 2011 when he crashed into a stopped train car near the intersection of Van Buren and Greeley Streets in downtown Fort Wayne. According to Fort Wayne Police Chief Rusty York, Zamora had driven around the stop arm at the railroad tracks prior to colliding with the parked train.

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