Indiana's New Specialized Driving Privileges

Everybody makes mistakes, and no one's responsibilities are ever entirely put on hold so that they can address the complications in their lives. Due to legislation enacted earlier this year, it seems that Indiana State has learned to accept these simple truths.

People who have had their licenses suspended were seemingly up against a wall in the past, finding it incredibly difficult to make any leeway towards regaining their freedom of mobility. The consequences would branch further into their lives, costing them their jobs, their relationships, and their overall state of living. To help alleviate those dramatic repercussions, Indiana is allowing drivers in such situations an easier way to get on the road again through specialized driving privileges.

What is Indiana Code 9-30-16-3?

For drivers to get behind the wheel again faster than their license suspensions would normally allow, they must petition for a specialized driver's license through Indiana Code 9-30-16-3. Whether or not their claims are accepted is entirely up to the presiding judge's discretion, so it is important to make a compelling argument as to why they need their driving privileges back. In most circumstances, some sort of necessary responsibility would need to be present, such as driving to and from work, or taking children to school on the weekdays.

Only a few scenarios disqualify someone from requesting specialized driving privileges:

  • Never having a driver's license
  • Holding a suspended commercial license
  • Refusing to take a chemical test upon arrest
  • Convicted for vehicular manslaughter
  • Previous specialized license holders who lost those privileges

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