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Fort Wayne Vice-Principal charged with drug dealing - new take on drugs in school

"You tell me to stay in school and stay away from drugs. But Daddy, there's more drugs in school than I swear I've ever seen before." This obscure lyric, from an equally obscure 80's metal band (Dr. Mr. President), was meant to explain that kids took marijuana and cocaine to school. I'm not sure the band contemplated the allegations against Memorial Park Middle School Vice-Principal Shadwaynn Curry (a/k/a Mikki White).

According to this article, Mrs. Curry was arrested on Monday, November 21, 2011 after a police officers searched her home. She was arrested and posted bond on a variety of charges, including dealing in marijuana in excess of thirty (30) grams, possession of cocaine and possession of paraphenalia.

These are serious, felony charges, which could land Mr. and Mrs. Curry in prison. Mrs. Curry has been placed on suspension by Fort Wayne Community Schools.

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