Operation Dry Water - Indiana DNR out to stop drunk boaters

Beginning June 22-25 Indiana Department of Natural Resource Conservations Officers will be taking part in a national campaign known as Operation Dry Water. The purpose of the campaign is to bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and boating. Boating while intoxicated, like operating while intoxicated (DUI/OWI) will be heavily enforced by conservation officers.

According the statistics, alcohol was a factor in 63 of the 75 boating accidents reported in Indiana in 2011. 178 people were arrested for boating while intoxicated in 2011. 129 people were arrested for boating while intoxicated in 2010.

Operating a boat while intoxicated is a criminal offense. It can lead to significant fines and a jail sentence. During this hot summer, be safe, and dry on the water.

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