Changes to Indiana's Expungement Law

The Indiana General Assembly has passed new legislation making some important changes to Indiana's Expungement Laws. Governor Pence has signed these changes into law and they became effective March 26, 2014.

The changes to the expungement law include:

1. The Burden of Proof has been reduced from Clear and Convincing Evidence to a Preponderance of the Evidence standard. This is favorable for people seeking an expungement.

2. A person no longer must show proof that he or she successfully completed all terms of the sentence. But must show that they have paid all their fees, fines, court costs, and any imposed restitution amounts.

3. There is no longer a requirement to show a valid driver's license.

4. There is no longer a filing fee for filing an expungement petition.

Many types of convictions can be expunged, including, Battery, Drunk Driving (DUI/DWI), Theft, Drug Possession and now, Habitual Traffic Violator type cases.

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