New Drunk Driving Patrol - be safe out there

Beginning today, August 17, 2012, Police departments throughout the State of Indiana will be participating in a drunk driving crackdown. "Drive sober or get pulled over" runs through the September 3, 2012, covering the Labor Day weekend. If you plan on end of summer festivities make sure you have a designated driver because this DUI/OWI crackdown will occur throughout the state and will feature high-visibility enforcement patrols. This means that the police will be everywhere.

Based upon similar enforcement programs, I would anticipate an increase in the number of traffic tickets and traffic related arrests to increase. It is not uncommon to see many drivers ticketed for speeding, driving while suspended, reckless driving and even being an Habitual Traffic Violator.

Please be safe over these last few weeks of summer. Drink responsibly and use a designated driver.

Gregory A. Miller, a Fort Wayne Criminal Defense Attorney, can be reached at (260) 833-7249.