FWPD Officer Suspended for expired license - Not ticketed

According to an article by Indianas News Center, Officer Susan Ulrich, a 27 year veteran of the Fort Wayne Police Department received a one day suspension for operating her vehicle with an expired driver's license. Officer Ulrich was involved in an on-duty automobile accident in August 2012. At the time of the accident she was not wearing her seatbelt and her driver's license was expired. Both not wearing a seatbelt and operating a vehicle with an expired license are infractions.

I do not know Officer Ulrich and have no comment on her abilities as a police officer. However, had I, been involved in an accident and had an expired driver's license I would have been given a ticket for operating a vehicle with an expired driver's license. This ticket is a Class C infraction and is punishble by fines and costs only. It is my understanding that Officer Ulrich was not given a traffic ticket folloiwng her accident.

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