Indiana Criminal Code could be changing - Rewrite of Criminal Code moves forward

Former Governor Mitch Daniels had wanted to see an overhaul of the criminal code in Indiana. While it didn't happen during his tenure, it looks as if a complete re-write of Indiana's Criminal Code is in the works. According to this article in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, House Bill 1006 has unanimously passed the House Ways and Means Committee.

If eventually put into place, the Criminal Code would include six (6) felony classifications, up from the current four (4) levels. Additionally, the new law would focus on community based supervision (such as counseling and home detention) for lower-level offenses. Drug abuse and use offenses, such as possession of marijuana or possession of cocaine could also be handled at the local level with community based supervision.

However, the trade off will be that offenders will have to serve more actual days of their sentence. Currently, "good time credit" can be earned, which can cut a sentence in half. This 2-for-1 credit will no longer be available if the re-write of the law is passed. Offenders would have to serve 75% of their sentences. This is a substantial change from current law.

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